Rubber Mulch Installation in Utah

Rubber mulch is a superior choice for playground surfaces and flowerbeds. We are experts in advising and installing the best solution for your outdoor surfacing needs. Call or email today for a free consultation and quote.


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Several Colors Available
Repels Weeds and Insects
Low Heat Absorption
Low Maintenance
Serving Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, & Arizona
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Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide safe solutions for all your playground and landscape designs…I’ll take the time to address any questions or concerns you may have.”

-Scott Higgins, Owner & Founder

Benefits of Rubber Mulch

Stays in Place Against Wind and Water

Promotes Plant Growth Through Insulation

Repels Weeds, Bugs, and Critters

Cost Savings and Low-Maintenance

99.99% Wire-Free

Low Heat Absorption (ideal for bare feet)

ASTM Certified for fall height protection

12 Year Color Guarantee


Rubber Mulch

Our mulch is available in 6 color options, each with a 12 year color guarantee.

Choose from painted black, brown, green, redwood, Caribbean blue, and unpainted.

Nugget sizes range from 5/16″ to 7/8″

Rubber Timbers

Our rubber mulch is available in 6 color options, each with a 12 year color guarantee.

Choose from painted black, brown, green, redwood, Caribbean blue, and unpainted

Landscape Fabric

Non-woven landscape fabric, available in thickness from 4.5 oz. to 16 oz. thick.


“It was a pleasure to work with Scott and his team. They were helpful, listened to our needs and were very patient when we made a few changes to the original plan. When we scheduled a date, they were right on time and did an amazing job. We will definitely be referring SK Playscapes to everyone.”


“I want to give a huge shout out to SK Playscapes for being very friendly and super helpful in getting us the rubber mulch and landscaping fabric! If you need rubber mulch, landscaping fabric or accessories, etc… for playsets or landscaping they have several different colors of mulch and they will take care of you for sure! Thanks again and it looks great!”


“We were in search of Blue Rubber Mulch and found Scott Higgins with SK Playscapes. Scott was very easy to work with, and within a few days Scott sent a member of his team out to our location to measure how much Blue Rubber Mulch we would need. Even after purchasing the Rubber Mulch Scott kept in constant contact about the status of the Rubber Mulch. SK Playscapes was very easy to work with and sell a great product. I will refer SK Playscapes to anyone who needs Rubber Mulch. Thanks again to Scott and SK Playscapes.”

Fremont High School

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1. Is Rubber Mulch Safe?

Yes – it is Non-toxic and 99% wire free.  It also offers 6′-14′ fall height protection certified by ASTM.

2. Can the color rub off onto clothes or skin?

No, all the mulch colors are engineered to not rub off.  This is how we offer a 12 year color guarantee.

3. How does Rubber Mulch compare to Wood Mulch?

There are 4 main reasons rubber mulch outperforms those products.  Wood mulch needs to be replaced every 1-2 years compared to rubber mulch’s 12 year color guarantee.  There is no decomposition so no attraction of insects and critters; likewise it repels certain insects.  It requires little to no upkeep.  It doesn’t blow or wash away.  Lastly it’s a greener option than traditional wood mulch.

4. Does rubber mulch work for Xeriscape?

It has several properties that make it better suited for landscaping.  It doesn’t retain water, keeping watering plants to a minimum.  It repels insects and weeds.  And we offer multiple colors you can mix and match for beautiful designs.  Check out our gallery for examples

5. How can I get this product?

We offer pickup in Ogden, UT, or we can deliver it across the US.